Clinical Education Series

We fully believe that learning and retention are best achieved through a modular approach.  So, we’ve developed a clinical education series with micro-learning modules designed to bring you up-to-speed on the most critical aspects of practice including high-yield vignettes and case studies on topics in emergency medicine, urgent care, and primary care.

You can purchase access to the entire clinical education series library.  Or, you can purchase each module individually and focus your learning.  None of the modules offers any CE/CME yet.  However, we’re working toward this and any CE/CME granted to us would be awarded to you retroactively based on the date of purchase.

whitecoat suture manual clinical education series


We have also developed a fully online, asynchronous advanced suture training course called the Online Suture Course and a companion textbook, The WhiteCoat Suture Manual.

WhiteCoat Suture Manual is your pocket reference for lacerations. It brings years of emergency department experience to your finger-tips.

onlinesuturecourse clinical education series


clinical education series emergency

Emergency Medicine

We target the highest risk presentations, those that might land you not just in a lawsuit, but on the other side of a well-grounded defense if poorly managed.

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

Acute angle closure glaucoma is an ophthalmic emergency that can result in the loss of vision in the affected eye.  We call it an angle closure because the angle between the iris cuts trabecular meshwork changes cutting off drainage of the aqueous humor resulting in sharply increased intraocular pressure.  Symptoms begin as blurred vision, a redeye, a painful eye, headache, with or without nausea or vomiting.  The sharply increased intraocular pressure can quickly damage the optic nerve…..

clinical education series glaucoma