CME Forge

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Do you have content you want to publish but haven’t found the time or maybe you lack the drive or know-how?

Our CME Forge is your answer.

Give us an idea of what you want to get out into the world as a continuing education product and we’ll help you bring your idea to life, from start to finish.

WhiteCoat Education Group is the only company on the planet that can take you from an idea to a marketable product and brand within the healthcare education industry.  We never own anything we make for you, by the way.  You pay a fee based on what you want us to do and how much of that you need us to autonomously handle or assist you with.  What we help you develop, or develop for you, is yours.

Your brand.  Your product.  Your content.

CME Forge can assist, guide, or simply do for you:

  • Market Feasibility – Answering the question, “Is there a strong chance my CE/CME product will be successful in the marketplace?”  We will evaluate the current marketplace with your product in mind and make recommendations based on our findings.
  • Content Creation – All aspects of content creation including creating powerful slide, video, and audio presentations.
  • Accreditation – All aspects of obtaining accreditation for your product.
  • Marketing – Including advertising and marketing through various CE/CME marketplaces.  This includes negotiating contracts on your behalf if you need us to.
  • Branding – This includes helping to create your brand as you envision, from a feature-rich website to print materials to logos to …. you name it.
continuing medical education content creation

Taking your continuing medical education ideas from concept to product doesn’t get any easier.

Starting the CME Forge process is FREE and only takes a few minutes to complete our initial information gathering form. 

All information you share with us remains with us, completely confidential; it is protected information that will absolutely never be shared in any form or capacity with anyone outside of our internal development team.  To grease the wheel, you can choose to be as specific or general with your responses as you like, and we’ll reach out after that.