CME Forge Information Gathering

What practice setting are you focusing on? What do you want to teach about? Please describe in general (or with specifics) what you intend to convey to your audience, the overall bird's eye view, the larger concept.
What do you want provider's to specifically be able to do better or differently after going through your course?
What problems are you trying to solve? What are your learners doing that they should NOT be doing; or, conversely, not doing that they SHOULD be doing? Please briefly describe.
In general terms, what education is needed to close this gap?
Based on the gap(s) stated above, list learning objectives for the activity that indicate what you want the learner to be able to do upon completing the activity [i.e. each objective should include a verb that describes an action by the learner (not what the teacher will teach)]. VERBS FOR WRITING LEARNING OBJECTIVES Some Verbs for Use in Stating Cognitive Outcomes Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Define Explain Apply Analyze Arrange Appraise List Express Employ Appraise Create Assess Recognize Describe Demonstrate Calculate Design Choose Record Discuss Illustrate Categorize Develop Compare Repeat Identify Interpret Classify Diagnose Decide State Restate Perform Compare Formulate Estimate Translate Practice Contrast Hypothesize Evaluate Use Criticize Manage Judge Debate Organize Justify Diagram Plan Measure Differentiate Prepare Rate Distinguish Propose Score Outline Summarize Select Verbs for Use in Stating Affective Outcomes Receiving Responding Valuing Organization Value Complex Accept Answer Complete Adhere Act Ask Assist Follow Defend Discriminate Choose Compile Form Integrate Display Follow Greet Initiate organize Influence Reply Help Join Practice Show Share Study Some Verbs for Use in Stating Psychomotor Outcomes Perception Set Guided Response Mechanism Complex Adaption Origination Detect Begin Copy Assemble Assemble Adapt Arrange Differentiate Proceed Follow Construct Construct Change Compose Identify React React Display Display Revise Construct Respond Reproduce Manipulate Manipulate Vary Create Start Work Operate Design Write Work Bad words that should not be used as cognitive objectives! Increase Expand horizons Approach Appreciate Become Know Really know Grasp the significance of Improve Grow Learn Thinks critically
Identify the format of the proposed activity.
Will your course / content be offered as a "take anytime" type course (like an enduring internet course) or only in a limited fashion (such as a conference or publication).
How can we best hel