OSC Suture Training Course


Designed for NPs, PAs, and Primary Care Physicians.  OSC is an advanced, intensive suture training course and wound repair training course created and presented by an Emergency Department NP delivering the core wound repair knowledge base.

Much more than just techniques.  Participants will learn practice pearls from an experienced ED provider – a culmination of years of experience.

Suture training course modules enhance participants so that wound closures become more efficient, appropriate, up-to-date, and defensible.  In addition to the detailed clinical content, each course module emphasizes key documentation and risk management concepts.  OSC is one of the most popular and fastest growing suture training courses in the country!  And, it requires zero travel and costs 80% less per CE credit than other courses.

Course cost includes:

  • Up to 9.5 CE credits, including 1.0 pharmacology credit
  • 9.5 hours of digital video and audio content
  • 50 page e-workbook
  • 10 interactive case studies
  • 11 hands-on practice modules
  • Access to the course director via email to ask any and all questions

What You Will Learn With the OSC Suture Training Course

  • 11 Closure Methods
  • 10 Exciting Case Studies
  • 11 Hands-on Practice Modules
  • Closure Basics Including Line and Needle Selection
  • When and When Not to Close
  • The A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure® Method
  • Anesthesia Including Local Infiltration, Field Blocks, and Digital Blocks
  • Proper Wound Cleansing
  • Proper Wound Examination
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Antibiotic Appropriateness
  • When to Seek Surgical Consultation
  • Current Tetanus Guidelines
  • Proper Knot Tying
  • Multi-layer Suturing
  • Repair of Torso Lacerations
  • Repair of Extremity Lacerations
  • Repair of Head and Neck Lacerations
  • C-spine Management and Imaging Related to Traumatic Head and Neck Lacerations
  • Dog Ear Deformity Correction
  • Undermining
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Pediatric Lacerations
  • Repair of Scalp Lacerations
  • Repair of Eyelid Lacerations
  • Repair of Ear Lacerations
  • Repair of Lip Lacerations
  • Treatment of Open Fractures
  • Repair of Nailbed Lacerations
  • Repair of Flap Lacerations
  • Repair of Buccal Lacerations
  • Repair of Tongue Lacerations
  • Repair of Joint Capsule Lacerations
  • Treatment of Animal Bites
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Lacerations in the Anticoagulated Patient
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Managing Poorly Healing Lacerations
  • Appropriate Follow-up Care
  • Medicolegal Tips and Nuggets